Meet The $100 Million Logistics Giant Of Kenya, Siginon Group

Meshack Kipturgo is the Group Managing Director of Siginon Group , East Africa’s largest integrated logistics services provider.
Siginon Group, which was founded in 1985, is a 100% Kenyan entity which began as a small clearing and forwarding company and has since morphed into a $100 million (annual revenues) regional leader in logistics and supply chain management with interests in supply chain logistics, ground handling, container freight stations, clearing & forwarding, trucking, warehousing, distribution and project cargo logistics.
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Siginon and all its subsidiaries are owned by former President Moi, his former long serving personal assistant kulei and the late Biwott.

Imeshinda Ile ya yule birrionea Mkamba sijui anaitwa Muthoka Ana nani, ANDY FORWARDERS?

Who is the equivalent of Joshua kulei today?
We also had Joseph Arap Letting, another Mr money bags handling Moi’s $$$

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Once accompanied a friend to a garden party huko Runda. The place belonged to one of Moi’s grandson. This Kipturgo guy showed up briefly. That day ndio nilijua mimi ni peasant wa ukweli. As a thank you the buddy who took me there was given two white envelopes. Sijui mbona i wasnt given directly. And it’s like the content in the envelopes werent even counted coz there was a big difference between the two. Ni kama jamaa aligawa na macho. Kitunguu ya peasant ikanukia hivo tu

Kabisa, they have huge go-downs at JKIA and in Mombasa

They pay people peanuts, unless they changed their ways.

President Uhuru personal assistant is Jomo Gecaga.

Here he is celebrating President Uhuru win with some famous Italian billionaire who also resides in Malindi.

Letting was state house comptroller.

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