Meet Kikuyu lady who sired a kid with President Moi's late son Jonathan and wants half of his wealth. She has other 2 kids with different men

The late President Daniel arap Moi’s daughter-in-law has moved to court seeking Ksh.2.5 million to foot her son’s medical bills.

Through her lawyer, Faith Moi who is the widow of late Jonathan Kipkemboi Moi, is accusing her family members of sidelining her children from the vast estate that Moi left.

She wants the court to order the administrator of Moi’s vast estate to release Ksh.2.5 million medical bills as they await the outcome of an inheritance case.

She claims that the executor’s lawyer Zehrabhanu Janmohamed has allegedly refused to disclose even a penny of what Moi had, adding that she is working against her with the blessings of some of his Moi’s sons.

Further, the lawyer says that Faith has been forced to seek support for her child through a pay bill number despite the family having money.

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“Through her lawyer, Faith Moi, who is the widow of the late Jonathan Moi”…… :green_emoji:


Bitches always gang together to fleece a man even if he is dead banae :green_emoji: that’s why even marrying two wives is a very very bad idea



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