Meet Hezena Lemaletian very beautiful woman rep ( mali ya wakubwa)

UDA girl from Lesirikan, Lbarta aka Baragoi, Samburu North…the next Samburu Woman representative… ndio ameingia uwanjani

woman reps naona wamerepresent kabisa


Hii ni mali ya pastoralists jamaa … kila mtu acheze kwao.

Nyangau kumbaff si mliachilia ile mali safi Naisula Lesuuda iende na Mkale?

Digi kwani wewe ni Msamburu?

Hakuna hiyo mzae, kama una uwezo kula mali safi UDA

Looks like she some has accidental British dna…

Kikuyus because of intermarrying with njaruo bloodlines have started losing their brown skin girls.

You will find a Kikuyu called Tabitha Gacheri eating mbuta and even crushing the skull and swallowing the bones like a professional mbuta eater. Make no mistake about it, that is a njaruo bloodline like @Swansea MacAdams Oludhe Ochollah, truck driver.

Also a casual glance will show that Maasais, Okuyu , Kambas, Somalis, Some Ugandans, Ethiopians and Tutsi share similar looking brown skin females.

One advantage with all this is that @ChifuMbitika 's grandson aka Williamson Mbitika Onyango Wangui will have a 24 inch puff adder penis because of his njaruo genes.

He will still be a short Kikuyu man but he will be dragging 7.43kg meat flaps on the ground like a tail. He will have to purchase a copper belt lightning arrestor, tie it around his waist and then fold the meat flaps around his waist neatly so he can walk without tripping on them.

There is a good number of Samburu women who have that skin tone.

British Army in Laikipia east have been reputed to rape and have sexual relations with Samburu women. The pure Samburu and Maasai are dark Nilotes but the foreign genes have lightened their skins


Tulisema haidhuruu …

Hata hii itaenda tu na MTU wa nje. These women from the pastoralists communities are getting enlightened at a very high rate and they are shunning the men from their communities since the culture tends to be highly oppressive to them in marriage.

Product of those british soldiers, the curl hair says it all.

Mostly the beauty nyeuthis see in a woman like this is just the light skin.

Sshhh,the bonobo is showing.
Cleary nyeuthi gets intimidated with lightskin…and vice versa:D:D

@digi kïhiiiiiiiiiii humbwa koko taktaka ya manispaa chiet ghaseeer ibilisi mkuu sokwe

Thats not her real hair:D

Wachana na hiyo mrefu

You have to admit that that dna infusion isn’t bad at all…