Meet Beluga XL

Airbus engineers built the classic Beluga—otherwise known as the A300-600 Super Transporter—to lug large aircraft parts between production facilities. It entered service in 1995, effectively replacing the equally badass Super Guppy, and had a good run until Airbus determined the five original planes in the fleet couldn’t keep up with production growth.
Enter the XL, the outside cargo version of the A300-600. After scouting rival biggies like the Antonov An-124 and Boeing C-17 (Dreamlifter), Airbus engineers ultimately elected to modify their A330-200 Freighter to build a better Beluga.
The XL is powered by twin Rolls-Royce Trent 700 turbofan engines and features a lowered cockpit and colossal cargo bay. At 63 meters long (seven more than the Beluga 1.0) and 8 meters wide (compared to 7), it has the largest cross-section of any cargo aircraft in the world, full stop.
[ATTACH=full]280821[/ATTACH]Plus, it can carry two A350 XWB wings. The old Beluga, by comparison, could only carry one such wing. Hence what Airbus says is the XL’s additional 30 percent transport capacity.
At nearly 62 feet high, the XL stands a good six feet taller than the original Beluga. With a max payload of 51 tons—the equivalent of seven elephants—a range of 2,200 nautical miles, and a cruising speed of Mach 0.69, the XL is designed to fly more than 4 million miles a year. It will transport gargantuan gear from various production factories in Europe to assembly lines in France, Germany, and China.
Of course, the BelugaXL looks like an actual XL-sized whale; that massive cargo bay tacked on the fuselage gives gives it the distinct shape. But the plane also has eyes and flashes a smile, which you don’t see every transporter sport these days. Twenty-thousand Airbus employees chose the cheeky design

Air cargo is the future and the here and now as bonobo chimpanzees go broke building railroads that they won’t be able to maintain.

Amazon continues to expand her air cargo fleet. Bonobos can’t draw parallels.

Watched Warren Buffett few years ago saying the future is in rail.
He’s heavily invested in and keeps investing in rail.
How many airports can that Beluga land in around the world? Cost of freight? Air cargo penetration especially Africa?


Picture it this way. Can you imagine high speed trains between all the major towns? 1hr to Mombasa, 45min to Kisumu, 30min to Meru?
Or having some regular train services around Nairobi environs where for example I get into a train in South B and shukia Westlands in 5 minutes, as frequently as every 15 minutes. Have these stations in Nairobi west, South C, B, Outering, Westlands, Parklands, Hurlingham, Ngara,etc.

Ile beluga natambua :cool::cool:[ATTACH=full]280905[/ATTACH]

That was in 2014.

In 2017 :

Warren Buffett's $10 Billion Airline Investment

And in 2019 :

Warren Buffett bet billions on the big four airlines — and so far it’s paying off

And this was two days ago :

FYI FEDEX operates,the worlds biggest air CARGO fleet size with over 650 aircraft :

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Train business collapses faster than rail business. Compare lunatic express to KQ which is simply mismanaged and would be a very profitable airline.

An airline only uses minimal resources and footprint. Compare the size of Jkia to the land resources used and then abandoned by the lunatic express. Look at the size of the rotting and abandoned rail yards throughout Kenya!

Look at the amount of land needed for the new Sgr.

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