Meet babuon at your own risk.


I know who killed Ntimama…[ATTACH=full]56116[/ATTACH]

Your avatar clearly says its a joke.

[FONT=Courier New]Wait for it.[/FONT]

i’d run like someone who has eaten the Carolina Reaper…

This is a logical fallacy

But I didn’t expect much from the most stupidest villager to have ever logged in.

kumbe thats why chupilee mandarins refused to meet with baba despite his numerous tantrumious demands

sitaki lorry ya rusungu over tantrumious… I am just being inventious/innovative

I like it that way and I have told you countless times you can do zilch about it other than rant.

Seriously, whatever you write is always below acceptable levels of human thinking. You need help. There’s something medically wrong with you. Your mind must be degenerating faster than an avocado juice

Nilisema huyu ni kama wale mamboch wa ocha. Vile nilisema ivo aliniambia eti it’s not his fault mimi husoma Ktalk na Facebook pekee. You would have thought yeye husoma dissertations kumbe hio story yake ya ‘boy with big penis’ he had got it from a gossip website. I saw that and kept quiet, huyu hawezi saidika.

Obviously he hasnt met his wife:D
She’s alive


@Mathaais kuja hapa [ATTACH=full]56337[/ATTACH]

1999 cc @uwesmake