Meet Allan from Chebirirbei sub-location in Belgut Constituency, who has ingeniously constructed a helicopter despite facing constraints in resources and expertise, demonstrating his exceptional abilities

With no lift , it’s a fan



Why is it tethered to the ground?

Upuss. Every year we see bonobos trying to make helicopters. They all have one thing in common. The contraptions can’t fly. So, usilete hii umeffi tena if the gadget isn’t airborne.

I will only be interested nikiona yenye pilot anaingia ndani anapiga lap halafu analand. Anything else is garbage.


There’s a good reason no one takes such BS seriously.

Spend your time inventing something new if you are smarter than the rest of us.
Don’t spend your useful time trying to prove you can re-invent the wheel…Useless!


A foolish idler

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Bonobos are mentally weak

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Whatever people decide to do with their time is up to them.

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Some things should not be national news. Because you can do your research online and follow along building.

Maybe the reporters aren’t that much exposed to realize that.

Or the title should be about the boys determination and passion

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Why shoot a video of a helicopter that hasn’t taken off without an explanation of what happened? The problem with bonobos is attempting a great feat is equal to achieving the feat. Meffi hao

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We need to be serious. Hii ni ujinga. We need to stop setting ourselves up to be a laughing stock. If you really wanted to do this, blueprints are free on the web surely. What is this fckery?

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Just like this government. Bure kabisa.

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Seems like u have to kanyaga clutch ndio uweke gear to lift off.

Hiyo engine ni ya nini

Huyu hata akipewa resources haiezi enda juu…alafu mbona wameifunga na kamba …

I was waiting to see it fly, only to witness yet another episode of bonobo stupidity. Nkt.

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Very dangerous pass time. This contraption can easily kill or injure someone. Just by the engine alone you know the guy is not serious

Saa zingine wacheni wivu, huyo Jamaa amejaribu. If taken to proper engineering school he can do wonderful like the white dogs