Meet A Talker Challenge!

I plan on meeting a talker this year, a pink handle! Problem is I don’t know who to meet simply because I’m attracted to none!

Most pinks here are at the stage where they think “ni sabuni itaisha!” I’m beyond boyfriends dramas, si sabuni (I guess this comes with age).

Anyway, apologies for being another MakenaG today, ni hali ya kungonja kastamas! Shout out to all men carrying flower bouquets in broad daylight!


Meet @Radical Kisii and don’t be surprised when you see @uwesmake in a skirt…

You can also meet @isabella but that’s just @native son aka @Wakanyama.

All the best!

@Phylgee we meet? Im neither a light skin like @Quanstrom nor a mblikimo like @Ice_Cube

Did you just confess you are a shemale?

Mwanaume mzima carring flowers in public ,Ooooooh boy child kwisha !

@GeorginaMakena lez do this hun.

bure kabisa

Sijalala usiku ya jana … my neighbor’s wife came knocking at my door at 2am crying eti bwana amemchapa na saa hizo amevaa ka night dress PEKEE. I had to hug and hold her for almost an hour atulie alale kwa sofa na saa hizo wife amerudi kulala eti she’s waking up early so ‘múndú ahenjio ní maake’ yaani kila mtu abebe msalaba wake.

Longest one hour of my life. Nili steady hadi macho karibu ipotelee ndani ya kichwa juu ya kukosa damu lakini sikuomba slices. Hiyo nugu najua imemfukuza iweze kukulana valentines bila kusumbuliwa

Nyonyesha watoto bila kusumbua…Mamie !!!

Dead boy child

Used to have such a neighbour and I was single ! Today they are ok but she hates me even now !

Meet me @Female Perspective

Am new here. please enlighten me. is @Female Perspective a semenya???or a dyke???

@Alchemist am curious :rolleyes::oops:

At consolata shrine !
Have always wondered @Female Perspective unatoa fungu la kumi kwa church ?

why would she hate you haha

@Uwesmakeress kuja hapa.

@pseudonym :rolleyes:?

She is very good. :D:D:D

Last warning! I won’t be responsible for my actions