Medium Snacks

For those among you who fear BBWs ,
something a little more manageable …:smiley:










Vitombi kujeni akina @digi kuna mali safi hapa, inaeza safisha cable

Siwezimind kulipa thao

Very edible

Veeery nice!

Im impressed:D

Has someone cracked your account? This is not your hand writing

Great selection…

I have 2TB of ALL types of Goodies …
Just so You know … :smiley: :smiley:


Hapa sasa umejaribu Daktari. On that note, I am soliciting with KMPDB to promote you to senior doctor.

I will visit your clinic one of these days. Not for treatment but to access your 2TB database.

Leo umejaribu

You don’t solicit with. You just solicit. Rudi shule, shenji

Asante Sana English teacher

@rexxsimba you jumpingcoff the bbw zone polepole