How can you employ untrained people to work in a mortuary? What services will they be offering there?
Bure kabisa

training ya casual work ni gani mzae?

soma vizuri hio advert…it says casual workers,watu wa mikono,no fancy degrees needed.Kizungu ngumu ama? probably watua wakifagia,kuosha sakafu and to keep the place spick and span,you want to blow it out of proportion and make it sound like they’ve been tendered for a nuclear science.wacha watu wafanye kazi

Because the salo is like 7k per month. Hawataki mtu wa masters degree kuleta catwalks kazini.

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mtu alarmist unafaa kuignore yeye, hapana tolerate bullcrap,

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Hindernet ya Safcom iko very slow leo

watu wako wanakula1590mb YouTube

Those morgue guts

Morgue guys in public facilities actually take home over 50k in bribes. The relatives of each dead person will pay between 500-2000 ili mtu wao ‘awekwe vizuri’.When they know you are visiting, the guy you paid will pull out a body from a clean drawer, wipe your relative’s body and put them in the drawer for show. Once you verify and leave, they will put back the body of the next person to be visited. The cycle continues easily since most relatives can’t spend over 15 minutes inside the morgue to really verify if the body is well kept.

This is actually the first advert I have seen for that position. Usually, they never advertise. Most of the morgue attendants started out as watchmen, KYM, hospital cleaners etc etc

All this nonsense can be curbed by burying people within 48 hours after death.