Medics in the house saidieni tafasali

Yesterday afternoon i was fucking some girl missionary.Like 5minutes into the act i felt a sudden runny nose on the left nostril.At first i thought it was a nosebleed because it felt like one.I touched it to check out if its blood but it was just watery mucuos na inatoka mob.
Today morning i had the same experience.Had just finished showering in the bathroom in my master bedroom.As i was seated on the bed wearing socks,suddenly watery mucuos flowed from the same nostril.Na inatoka mob suddenly then it stops.What surprises is how it shows up.I currently dont have a flu or cold,my nose is generally dry but suddenly watery mucous just starts to flow freely on the left nostril then it suddenly stops.
Been trying to google and even chat gpt to find out the cause but am getting nothing except allergies and blood pressure medication side effects (which i stopped taking since bp got better).The only thing i seem to think could be the issue is that before kuenda kunyandua huyo dem,i had eaten shawarma nikateremsha na maji baridi saidi ya fridge.Similarly,before i headed home i drank 1 litre of very cold water and took another glass of the same before i went to bed.Could the cold water have caused it?
Saidieni majamaa.I dont have any history of allergies ,been drinking cold water since forever na hii issue imeanza ku bother enigma.


@rexxsimba njoo hapa and advise.


Nunua Self Testing Kit ya Luwere.



Could be spinal cord injury


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google “hiv flu like symptoms” go down that rabbit hole because :rofl: :rofl:


Hukupata chanjo ya covid

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Bibi amekupeeka kwa mganga

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Maze hii ni serious.Just checked it out online,Could be celebrospinal fluid leakage through the skull banae.if it happens again ntaenda hosi.Asantye sana elder barikiwa.


Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) rhinorrhea is a condition where the fluid that surrounds the brain leaks into the nose and sinuses . Head trauma, surgery, or even birth defects can make a hole in the membranes that hold this fluid. It then leaks into your nose or ear, causing a watery, runny nose

I’m not a doctor, but at some point in my training I was taught how to manage it in a crises environment. @Silverback83 what say you?


Akili ina melt utabaki na akili ndogo kama pharmacy


sijakuwa na any head trauma of late.come to think of it it also happened on Sunday afte nikienda rodi.Suddenly had a runny nose on the right nostril.Haijahappen tena hadi jana nikinyanduana na leo morning nikivaa viatu.naenda hosi elder.This shit is scary juu hata sina homa my nose is typically dry then suddenly inaanza kukuwa runny.Nimecheki chatgpt wanasema cerebrospinal fluid iko na salty/metallic taste.hio inanipa hope juu sijataste kitu kama hio.Kitu scary hapa ni hakuna njia ingine yakusort leakage apart from surgery.

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CSF rhinorrhea will mostly be watery no mucus in it. Kwa wale inadrip towards the back of the nose to the mouth report a salty taste.
It can be spontaneous. Usually as a result of what is known as benign intracranial hypertension ( mostly seen in obese patients)
If just for a few days I’d say observe. Might not be it.
If it worries you and want to rule out CSF rhinorrhea, the discharge is collected and subjected to a test. They test for beta 2-transferrin protein. If absent it’s certain not to be CSF.


Ukianza kusoma symptoms online zitakushtua ajab


Asante elder.Is there a physical diagnosis made by just observing the inside of the nostril or they must get the sample of the fluid?You have mentioned that if its for a few days i should observe;after how long should i seek medical advice in case it happens again?am asking coz chatgpt says staying too long might lead to encephalitis or even menengitis baadae.
This stuff is shocking because i havent had any blunt head trauma in a very long time.Also what is the frequency of the flow from the nose?

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Probably ni shida ya sinuses tu


You are very right.Just visited a hospital.Niko na nasal polyps.They have been causing patial blockage of the nostrils alternately.Hii ikiblock kiasi,the other one is fully open and vice versa.So when one side is in the process of unblocking it causes the leakage.They say that someone with cranial csf leakage will show symptoms kwa neck and at the sides of the neck.90% also complain of constant headache blurred vision and unable to control balance.I dont have any of those symptoms.Also the fact that it also happened nikiwa rodi with no resulting dizziness is a very good sign.I have been booked for a ENT clinic.
Asanteni elders Enigma ako sawa.



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