Medics give strike notice

Due to delay of salaries. Panyako ashasema. By Monday pesa ifike kwa accounts za medics.

we know how this goes… it won’t be for long

Why do they delay the salaries of our public servants? I know I know:mad:

Is Ethical for them to Strike? Can’t they come up with other approach instead of this one?

Handle govt incompetence, its a recurring affair lately for the majority of public servants.

Devolution of health services was not a very smart idea.

Hakuna hata mbicha ya piriton ,profesa?

When you meet a demoralised surgeon at the theater you will die.
When you meet a doctor who has not paid his rent at the theater, you will die.
its immoral for counties to delay public servants salaries, yet all governors have been paid, and their vehicles fueled, who pays the governor’s salaries?

Panyako= @Panyaste

Yes IQ is at par