Medication abortion in kenya

Hallo guys…Sorry guys but forgive me if I sound offensive… I read somewhere in these posts that Marie stopes still can procure medical abortion at reasonable fees…do they still allow?I thought they stopped…

Enda kwa internet utafute ile iko karibu nawe uwaulize wacha kutupima akili.

Ungetumia condom hungepoteza wakati kuunda handle ingine
huyu ndio ulitomba…not bad mi friend.Though sura hapana ,everything else is faiya di base.karibu fatherhood,apana ua mitoto jameni

Vs…don’t let mid life crisis slow you down… Kama umekamua io mali… Pervert high five.

Usitegemee Marie Stopes, tafuta credible clinics that can do the job chini ya maji. Kuna msupa fulani nilikatia FB for a month, wakati aliachilia ikus nilitomba hadi dry fry. Mtoto wa wenyewe akapata mimba, nilimpeleka eastlands akafanya abortion kwa zile shops huwa chemists mbele kumbe back office ni fully fledged abortion Factory

pambana na hali yako fala hii

Achana MTU agharamie time they dry fried ulikuwa. You are a murderer keti pale kesi yako inakwom huyo same alipata complications

hata jina yako inasema wewe ni muuaji unazima watu kila uendapo

na bado huta consider vasectomy hizi shida ndogo ndogo sina

Surprisingly no, but I know you won’t believe it

Tafuta Mugo wa Wairimu akusaidie…

Muuaji Ibilisi. Do you know what they do to people like you in hell? Insert red hot sharp objects in your rectum. Your heart, your head, ile uchungu huyo mtoto aliskia multiply by 10k times. And on top of that before you go to hell you will die a slow excruciating death. Do not be deceived God can not be mocked WHATSOEVER A MAN SHALL SOW THAT SHALL HE REAP.
Unajiona mwanaume sana umetosha mboga to kill innocent babies? Lemme assure you one thing ile uchungu huyo mtoto aliskia b4 you die you will experience that pain, before you die. And you have no shame coming here to brag how you killed an innocent child. May God strike you to your very root and may all your children be cursed. No good demon baby killer. May you be cursed like Cain, a vagabond and never ever know peace and prosperity in the land of the living for shedding innocent blood for your sexual pleasure. You will regret the day you killed that baby. May that baby’s blood never stop crying out to God until you drop dead. I invoke mighty winds from the east, from the west, from the and the south blow against this murderer of the unborn. May the arrow that flies by night strike him and all his descendants. May the pestilence that crawls by night be upon him until he is dead. May the sun smite you by day and the moon smite you by night. May the constellation of the stars conspire against you all the days of your life. May you find no rest, may you find no peace until you leave the earth the same way you gave no rest to that baby until the baby was no more. May you be reduced to dust, as you did to that baby may endless disease be your portion, may the Lord in His Holy Mount Zion see the blood on your evil hands, and as he says He hates hands that shed innocent blood, may He deal with you as ruthlessly as you dealt with that baby. May He resist you. As He has said, He resists the proud. I conjure up the spirit of the murdered infant, the blood of the slain baby, deal mercilessly with the father of the child who killed the child. May the spirit of death hunt you down, may the Lord avenge the shed blood of the slain angel.

. Understand what am asking and respond if you have brains…but of course you don’t!!!

. Understand what am asking and respond if you have brains…but of course you don’t!!!

. Understand what am asking and respond if you have brains…but of course you don’t!!!

First, there is no hell and secondly that was not a baby but a foetus