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Hello members I am new here. Last week on Tuesday, a boil started forming on my right ass cheek and now it has formed a round and hard substance. Yesterday night before I went to sleep I noticed some discomfort in my groin area only to touch it and find something like a lump between my groin and my right thigh. What could be the problem?
Sitaki ku google juu inaeza anza kunipea stress sitaki.


WTF?! Whats this? Shiet.


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Usiwe ivo mimi bado kijana mdogo sana.

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Went to a hospital and an ultrasound was done and it ended up being a swollen reactive lymph node implying an infection. Blood tests also confirmed an infection; next week I will be going for a blood culture test to ascertain the infection.

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Which hospital is that, that had to do ultra sound to identify an inflamed lymph node? I thought it’s obvious anywhere where there is an Infection, an adjacent lymph nodes have to swell

The ultrasound had to be ordered so as to rule out the possibility of a hernia.

Really? Inguinal hernia or which hernia?

Yes that one.

Kwani wazee ndio hukufa pekee?

Enda Kwa pharmacy akufinye hio boil

Team dry fry hoiyeee.

Kijana mdogo lakini amekula macoomer mingi kushinda mzee wa 80years

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You have external hemorrhoids. More than half of people have it in their lifetime, eat more fiber and water and it should (have) go away. If it hasnt gone away in a few days or a week go get a colonoscopy