Medical field Horror Story


@Ngimanene na matharo njoo kiasi

Kenyan medics are quarks

si wote. A certain medic saved my life more than a year ago.

Wale quacks ni wale ambao hu-operate clinics ndogo ndogo.

@Tauren umepitia mengi:D:D:D:D si ugonjwa si kutombwa mcoondur

She should sue that hospital…

How is this even possible???..kwani you won’t feel the pain kuna kitu inakukata?..alafu how do you forget a scapel inside someone’s body I thought huwa wanakataa a small portion when conducting surgery utasahau aje kitu ndani na unaona the entire area under surgery

But…but… but good Sir
Don’t you think that it’s the pain that prompted the surgery In the first place, and judging from her sorry state, it took that long to garner enough resources to make it possible?

ION, quacks will even forget tweezers in your intestines if it proves how much unqualified they are.