Medical Camp at kasarani

I’m told there was a free medical camp today at Kasarani. not sure where exactly, the Kasarani stadium or there about.

I have been called by my Auntie that one of my cousins went for surgery this morning but he has from midday not been picking his phone.

Anybody know about this camp and where exactly it was being held ?

. I want to go and check on him.

Chunga asikue ameibiwa kidney or something…I read somewhere that the organ market is highly lucrative


eeeh I hope he is ok

Be careful it not to be kidney harvesting guys from India or china. Be wary of these free stuff .be warned

Na mbona alienda pekee yake?

Kidney iko kwa ndege boss. Tafuta cuzo!

surgeries are rarely done at medical camps unless they are minor like the removal of 4skin so that should help you narrow down the facilities. the local police station should have some infor since they are normally asked to help maintain order…

I have found him. He was operated on.

He is ok though the anesthesia has not worn off.

He had just said he was going to Kasarini with no specifics.

He knows I’m not amused.


Thanks for the replies.

I thought the health CS banned these camps?

He can only ban them after providing desperate Kenyans with alternatives.

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Do internal check to make sure he has everything hakuna anything stolen from his body



Vita ya ndume mbili ni nyasi huumia. Sorry kenyans