Media Kupaka Marash Sewage kama Kawaida

Mbona mtu akipata pesa kisniper huwa unafee fery nessesary kutoa kastory fakekwa media ndio tuamini yeye ni mad skills za bizna ako nazo?? What are they so afraid of???

[SIZE=7]Captain Fredrick Malu: 7 ways that I have amassed a fortune[/SIZE]
Bizna Reporter

15th October 2018

Captain Fredrick Malu is a pilot at Kenya Airways, the CEO at the Kenya Airline Pilots Investment Ltd, a Top 40 Under 40 recipient, an entrepreneur and director at various companies.
Biggest money mistake: Some time back, I started a business distributing products for EABL. But instead of running it myself, I handed it over to people I hoped could run it effectively. I had so much confidence in them that I didn’t follow up on its day to day operations. My employees mismanaged the business and in the end, run it down. I lost the contract and was left paying the loans I had taken from the bank to run it. The collapse cost me some Sh. 2.7 million. I also lost about Sh. 1 million in a failed clinic business that was supposed to be a sure guarantee. My final loss came when I lost another Sh. 1 million while investing in a concert only to discover that my partner was a conman. All this has taught me that in business, the only person you should trust is yourself. I have also learned that you must separate friendship from business if you want to achieve any kind of success.
Biggest regret: Despite the mistakes I have made, I count my failure to invest in property from an early age as my most grievous. You are never too young to own land or houses. I remember being sold a house back in 2007 for Sh. 3 million in Lavington, Nairobi. I was afraid of such a huge financial responsibility back then and so I turned it down. The same house was re-offered to me in 2013 at a cost of Sh. 15.5 million.
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Key to success: Save from an early age. I have been able to amass a good fortune through savings and investments. I also pride myself with a strict work ethic. I rarely get a day when I can sit and relax, but I constantly remind myself that I’ll have all the time when I retire. Do not buy it if you cannot afford it. Work as hard as you can. Don’t be a man or woman of shortcuts and shady pipe dreams. Instead, diligently build yourself and never compete with anyone other than the person in your mirror. Also surround yourself with positive people. Your friends can either build you or become your stumbling block.
Saving method: I save monthly from my salary in an education fund with a local insurance company. This means that I cannot access these savings at will. I also save through the pilots’ Sacco which pays handsome dividends. Finally, I invest in securities listed on the Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE).
Biggest milestone: I have had numerous key moments in my career, but the epitome of my milestones was being a recipient of the Top 40 Under 40 awards in 2016. This taught me that the sky cannot be the limit if I push my limits. There’s so much room and so much that I can fit in.
If I could go back in time: I would avoid risking my money on businesses that I cannot personally oversee, and instead invest in solid projects such as land and houses.
Entrepreneurship or Employment: You’ll never get as rich as a business owner by simply working for them. Nonetheless, raising capital for a future business while under employment is much easier than starting from the scratch. Always remember that a bird in hand is worth two in the bush. Before you quit your job, start a business, grow it, and only take the jump once the side hustle’s proceeds are adequate to keep you on your feet.
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So unasema yeye sio pilot ama what is your point?

Sielewi. WHAT EXACTLY IS WRONG WITH THIS STORY? Hapa ndipo whining imewafikisha?

ama unasema anabebanga bangi na cocaine akienda china juu hakuna mwenye hucheck bags zake?

How much do KQ pilots earn per month??
Just curious

Hehe…madam tosheka na salary ya fundi I mean Engineer

His Biggest Financial mistakes have altogether cost him only 4.7 mirrions na anakuja hapa kulia Lia?
Most men I know around his age lose twice that amount in their first divorce.
And that’s just from the equity they’ve accumulated from the house they now have to walk away from!

Not impressed.

I’m so contented with living in Kenya for now.

KQ needs to find another drycleaning company.
Hiyo mbwenya ya Captain looks worse than my high school can see the iron marks.

Doesn’t board well with a National flag carrier!
( No pun intended!.. Kikikikkkk…)

Hio ya divorce where the man has to leave the house can make you homeless. The marriage game in majuu is rigged against men.:(:(:frowning:

Huu ndiyo upuzi unafanyanga nyinyi Madiasporans mnatusiwa.

“Success is not where you are but where you came from” FieldMarshal CouchP, 2008, Klost.

I don’t know how much pilots earn but from how I have seen two pilots live, it appears the salary is not bad. And most of them start working at a young age.


Ni walevi sana.

I don’t know what being majuu has to do with this.
I’m sure you’ve lost more than /- 4.5million to prostitutes only over the years and we don’t hear you banging on about it!

I am just disappointed that for a Captain he is dealing with relatively small numbers. FOR AN AEROPLANE CAPTAIN!

And that’s because I was led to believe that pilots are rich.

True. And most of them do not spend wisely. Like one who has rented a 4 bedroom house in Nairobi at 45 thousand bob a month yet he is a bachelor. The house is expensively furnished but he spends very little time in it. He drives an expensive car but it is most of the times just parked.

I wondered about the same. Crying so loudly over a few millions? Eish

set up shop there. I’m sure you have connects…because at this rate of being home most days you’ll get pregnant fast

Enyewe Ktalk watu ni mbirrionaires. Yaani you can’t stop yapping that he is crying over few mirrions. Hapo ndo mfuko yake imemfikicha. Ala

I know of a few pilots who back in the early 2000 when houses were still at 3m like the guy says. Some guys actually put up apartments that if sold now would be going for an easy 250m upwards at least.
This must have been those , you guy my guy kinda people who were just living large for the moment , without investments .
If I had that kind of money from back then like he did, God knows how much i would be worth now.