Media Council of Kenya has lost credibility and is sleeping with a corrupt government

Seriously what is this that MCK have written?

What does your code of conduct say or it’s toothless?


Felings aside. can you address any of the above claims?

That’s one of the most level-headed comment on the issue I have seen.

Very commendable of the MCK.

Our media is going to the dogs right in front of our eyes.

If baba and other people were at mathiangis home saying polis want to arrest him, what was the media expected to do except cover the ongoing events just like they did? Is it the work of the media to provide videos and photos of the purported invading officers?

githeri media are baba man toilet paper. Hapo kuna ukweli sana. They spew whatever nonsense babaman tells them. You are not using your brain. A source of the story cannot be the story. If I go to the media today and tell them @Homo erectus sprouted horns at night, and he has a tail, they can state that i told them @Homo erectus has a tail and horns but their investigation did not find evidence of the tail and horns. Failing to add the last sentence is a disgrace and a sign of a decrepit, sunken cesspool that can be used by anyone to say anything

The statement is in order

No, it’s not. What is meant to be achieved by it? One would expect they would not be so quick to censure the media, especially now.
Whereas it’s professional ethic and in fact a requirement to be factual while reporting, what the Matiang’i saga is is a series of accusations and counter-accusations. It’s only possible to provide footage of an occurence if you were present, or if you got from a passive source, such as CCTV. In the absence of these,all that a reporter can report is what was said by the complainant or eyewitesses. If the owner isn’t home, or he doesn’t personally to the press, are they expected to publish a file photo? They did show a video of his lawyer speaking on behalf of his client and Citizen TV showed to the public a damaged gate. That is responsibility enough.
MCK pia iwe a bit thoughtful before releasing such statements, because they can have an adverse backlash.

Your argument hapa is Kaput…

Myself I was wondering why the so limited Coverage. In fact I looked for it all over and the only thing I could get is that lawyer speaking.

Considering that the event was basically happening in Nairoberry and to a Big Man, I expected there to be more. Just like the other raids carried out in Matiangis heyday…

The statement by MCK is in order. In fact I was sort of expecting MCK to defend journalism not add more fuel…

I’d like to go to bed with a corrupt govt

Githeri media ni trash…anyone who observed them erections time kutoka August 8…can see how useless they are…they put Ojinga in the lead and then they stopped counting when it was obvious JSKS won … :D…their bias is too obvious

Why is my argument kaput? MCK is a public institution. The citizens have a right to ask it questions when they are dissatisfied with the image it puts out, knowing that press freedom has always been a thorn in the flesh of majority of African regimes. In Kenya we have seen cops kicking journalists on camera during the Covid curfew. It is unwise, needless, and potentially harmful to journalists for MCK to make such a statement.

It is in order

Ruto barely got 50+1 the election was too tight to let the media finish tallying ahead of IEBC

Chebukati himself told them results at the polling station were final. He had no problem with them completing the count before IEBC

jilambe matako alafu ujispank juu ya kuongea ujinga mtupu

Chebukati was in charge of IEBC not the media

Is it the work of the media to provide videos and photos of the purported invading officers?

The most retarded comment i have read in the village.

What is work of the media if not to provide verifiable audio, video and photos?

Raila cows should burn in hell

Well they have a duty for unbiased reporting. Omission is technically Commission…

Thats my thought too not contrary. The villager had implied media can just report anything workout verifiable evidence

Wacha porojo… JSKS was leading from day 1 thanks to good campaigning plus tugeges kufanya ile kitu ya 1969… stopping the vote count ndio waliharibu supu.