Mechanics, hii ni nini?

Located kwa cables that originate from the ignition, this black box iko taped hapo.

Pengine ni fuse box


After market Alarm system/security system.

Yes wanted to say the same

Crank shaft

toa tape usome nini imeandikwa hapo, then google. but likely alarm/security/remote start

Gari ni ya funguo.

Remote start pia works with key

Inakaa bomb ya aina. Peleka nearest police station

Hio inakaa after market installation from the way hio tape imebandikwa.


That’s a relay–but ask your auto electrician why it’s needed.

Hio ni car track…i guess. Niliwekewa kitu kama hio hapo polly track ltd ngara

You are not the first owner that’s why