meanwhile pale murica

[SIZE=5]His establishment, his rules.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Likewise if a grown man visited my store wearing a miniskirt and pink lipstick naweza weka jamaa sweet chin music.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]The guy should’ve just walked out in a civilised manner and visited a different store without protest.[/SIZE]

Nashangaa kama ruto will accept this stuff if pushed by the Foreigner’s , sijawai skia akiongea juu ya Hii LGBTq manenos ?

I like the old man he tells it like it is… this motherfuckers are too entitled. His place his rules.

[SIZE=5]We have bigger fish to fry.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]The states are already established hence they can focus on such trivial matters.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Kenya still has a long way to go.[/SIZE]

the sign that started it all

does the trans bleed every month? [SIZE=1]asking for @Buttco Mckunyi [/SIZE]

Hii si purple aliweka last week.

Kama mtu unataka ku idk transition na uishi your life peacefully without disturbing others, then that’s okay. But these activists who feel entitled to everything and everyone paint a bad picture even on those who are “genuine”, Ingekuwa ni Kanairo pale river road, foriti wangekuwa wanakuja kuokota m*iti juu huwezi leta nyef nyef kwa someone’s business.

Wacha hio green card ikae. Kama hio ndio order of the day huko land of free. I would rather die a pauper in vumbistan.

That mzae doesn’t give a fuuuck banaaa :D:D:D

How do you cancel someone who’s in their 70s?

Other posters on YouTube claimed the store owner was “harassing” the “brave woman”, but quickly turned off comments when everyone supported the old man. These lunatics don’t like the truth :D:D:D

It’s funny how they say “believe in science” with regards to covid but something as basic and scientific as gender eludes them. :D:D:D

Lucky old dude angekuwa in his 30s or 20s cancel culture wangemalissa yeye anyways @butco enda utoe miniskirt[SIZE=1] ghasia [/SIZE]