meanwhile pale majuu melaina trump copies the speech Michelle obama gave in 2008

This occurred Jana during the GOP convention, huyo mwanamke ni fala tu kama bwanake

very funny, where were the speech writers, reminds me of a story i overheard about a guy who copy pasted insha from his desk mate mpaka he forgot to write his name on the paper and wrote her name instead

It was @Gio. I was the examiner

Maybe they (Michelle and Melania) were raised with the same values, and they have been taught to pass them over to generations. Am sure they are not the only two pple in the world who share the same ideals.

Regarding similarity of the sentences, well, they are both in English, and thus there shouldn’t be expected much difference if they are saying the same thing.

Huyo Melanie ni mtu blonde hivi hivi… beauty but no brains. Tena ni ka-immigrant

what are the probabilities they would end up with the exact same wording and prose :smiley:

Vile bwanake ni hypocrite. Even Hillary isn’t any better.

Kidogo, but not zero.


I found the speech as an irony and insult

It’s funny how Trump is against immigration yet his wife was not even born in the U.S.

is this really funny?

Yaani stark difference. Cheki venye Michelle ako na movement, engaging the listeners with clear hand gestures and facial expressions. Pande hii ingine ni robot…


Kwani 2012 twitter handle ya obeezy haikuwa verified

I think they started like two years ago.

You might be right, but honestly that’s downright plagiarism!

It’s quite an irony ! I guess trump is only opposed to Mexicans immigrants!

And Muslims.