Meanwhile in southafrica

Father to a homo beats to death a 17 year old girl because she beat his son up[ATTACH=full]334182[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]334183[/ATTACH]
I have no clue of embedding the video but its saddening

she was power bombed WWE style

Father is gay i guess

Where the video

Damn, he really Batista bombed that girl

This is sad…

That’s a sad way to go. Rest in peace Thuto Moitsi. I know in South Africa bullying in schools is very rampant but this does not justify killing. I can’t imagine what her parents (read father) must have felt after seeing this clip…

wait… so your son gets beaten by a girl alafu unaingilia:D:D:D that happens na akuje aniambie you disown that mofo

That’s not murder, it’s manslaughter.

Na huyo baba jameni anatandika mtoto aje ivo? Alifikiri iyo floor ilikuwa mattress.

The son was a homosexual. No wonder alikuwa anachapwa na dem anakimbia kwa babake.

the fool is a psycho:D
you are clearly warned not to repeat isht like that at home:D

Damn. Spinal cord and izo stuff zote zilikua shattered


Most of the people there are desensitized to violence. Apartheid ferked up their mentality.

Am sure the girl had landed a few upper cuts on the father’s face. He imagined going home crying just like his son. So he decided to show who had the biggest d!kc in that room. The smackdown was out of desperation.

Beta chieth male

So,you are saying that the faggot breeder is not culpable or didnt have malice or aforethought when he went to beat up a child? , or there was no circumstance leading to the demise of a minor? How do you beat up someone that if they died its not your fault?

Manslaughter does not mean your crime is acquitted, it means that you had no malice afore thought. Tricky to prove murder in a court of law, the accused will argue he meant to teach her a lesson and in the heat of the moment… Lesser punishment, but still a felony.