Meanwhile in Neighbouring Pakistan .. Honor Killing

Pakistani social media celebrity Qandeel Baloch, who recently stirred controversy by posting pictures of herself with a prominent Muslim cleric, was strangled to death by her brother, police said Saturday.

Her parents told police one of her six brothers strangled her to death as she slept in the family’s home in Multan, police spokeswoman Nabila Ghazanfar told The Associated Press.

Multan police chief Akram Azhar said police were searching for the brother, identified by the family as Waseem Azeem, who runs a local cellular phone shop.

Baloch built up a large social media fanbase, with 40,000 Twitter followers and more than 700,000 followers on her official Facebook page.

Most recently, Baloch became embroiled in public scandal when she posted selfies with Mufti Adbul Qavi, a prominent cleric, in a Karachi hotel room during the holy Islamic month of Ramadan. In one picture, she is wearing the cleric’s trademark fur-lined hat.

Qavi maintained that he only met with her to discuss the teachings of Islam. But the government suspended Qavi and removed him from the official moon-sighting committee that determines when Ramadan starts and ends in accordance with the Islamic lunar calendar.

In the wake of that scandal, Baloch said she had received death threats and asked for Interior Ministry protection.

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You can read the whole aljazeera article here:

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