meanwhile in haiti... drive by shootings by police;list=TLPQMjIwMzIwMjHXvk037cI8FQ

Konyagi deserves this

bonobos in action

A replica of African failed states…leadership issues, poverty, and excited foreign media capturing the chaos.

And in njaruo obama’s Chicago…

[SIZE=7]Chicago shootings: 18 shot, 4 fatally, in weekend violence across city[/SIZE]

By ABC7 Chicago Digital Team
Monday, March 22, 2021 5:35AM

Chicago police have not yet made any arrests for shootings late Friday night that injured two children, and several adults.

CHICAGO (WLS) – Four people have been killed and at least 14 others hurt in shootings across Chicago over the weekend.

Two children and a Chicago police officer are among those injured, according to reports.

Two men were shot, one fatally, Saturday afternoon in Douglas on the South Side.

About 3:05 p.m., the men, 27 and 31, were in the 3400 block of South Prairie Avenue when they heard shots and felt pain, Chicago police said.

The 27-year-old was struck in the back and torso, and was brought…

They are all christians in black skin …the leaders and the people , clearly religion haisaidii jamii haiti or africa

That cop with a grenade launcher REALLY loves his job.

Shida ya black people ni ndogo Sana… Religion, do away with it macho itafunguka.

Hako katoto kamekula tear gas akaona bbc cam guy ndio atamsaidia? :D:D


The camera guy dseserves an emmy ama oscar this is some quality staff…Kenya tuko njiani hapo so siwezi cheka.


Poleni. I didn’t realize how dire the situation is over there.

Cameraman analipwa pesa ngapi kusimama bullets zikifly?