Meanwhile Hapa Baharini

Coast leaders will form their own political party to push for their people’s development agenda. Kilifi Governor Amason Kingi has also announced that the region will go it alone in the 2022 General Election.
(Have always told them this is the way to go) Post ya deputy party leader ni gani. and then viti zikigawanwa they were shafted dfhkm.
hebu cheki huyu naye, anaota mchana.

Hii statement inamaanisha nini.Sijaelewa.

Tunaunda chama chetu, in other words goodbye NASA, ODM, NRM etc etc

Mimi sikuelewa strategy ya Raila pia. In Nasa, ODM took all the lion’s share of the spoils. Within ODM, the Nyanza faction shafted the Coast. Na ati wanataka ku-sustain vita dhidi ya serikali.

Na vile Jubilee even read akina Keter the riot act ndio wapate regional balance (read troops from as many corners in Kenya as possible).

ODM of today forgot what made the ODM of 2007 a strong party.

Oh.I get it now.I thought they wanted to make coast a country.

Hoho as the ceremonial Deputi pati rinda na Mishi Poko are the only coast leaders left in ODM

kenya tunakuanga politics 24/7 365 days

Hoho will be eyeing for p(residency) position in 2022. In the just concluded mock swearing in comedy ceremony He was the only guy who got above 80% trust to precede Baba. Lakini huyu baba hatujui his fate 2022 wazimu unaweza ipata debeni. Hoho atakuwa wasted by then.


Baba lazima atasimama 2022. I can bet on that. Hiyo kiti ni lifelong obsession kwake.

Hoho aende akikaukanga:D:D

Unacheka nini

hiyo ya old town ni umeffi.


i thought that it isn’t supposed to have any drastic changes because it is a historical site

exactly, the walls are supposed to be as authentic as they are. Painting them erodes their historic authenticity.

Niaje Panya @Okwonkwo
how is Kaiyaba today?

hehehe. Niko copenhagen msee.

kwani Embasava zafikanga huko

Nilipanda Embassava, then nikachukua nduber to Airport, then nikapanda KLM

hehehehe, i give up.