Meaning Of Diversification

Quality Products that don’t make it the African market

Osheni Mecho

Subaru Lawn Mower


Nokia inakupeleka aje erikana :D:D

Old tech, sikuizi ni solar generator msee

I love Nokia.

Ukitaka Nokia nzuri go for 64GB/4GB RAM upwards mpaka huko 512GB/8GB. Those ones never freeze. The troublesome one are the one for peasants akin Nokia C1 with 8GB/1Gb or 16Gb/2GB

True but sisi bado tunaamini fossil fuels

You have one of this unasahau KPLC kapsaa.

Not in 2022 yet. Battery technology is still in its infancy.

Cost per Watt bado iko juu kiasi.

When they start making Sodium Batteries enmass saa hiyo ndio nita consider Hizo Solar alternatives. In future akina Mabati Rolling Mills will have a Solar Department so that entire roof inakuwa ni Solar Panel na huko ma 2030s

Hizi vitu zinapatikana buana,nĩkĩĩ

I see a fish in your eyes
elkana ongiti @Ndindu, naundaje hii DIY kienyeji na 200ah solar deep cycle batteries?
nataka tu usb type c nne for 2 laptops and 2 phones na dc out barel 12v 3a ya cctv

maneno ya kupower ac devices staki
cc @Electronics4u

Can they bring this to kenya ama watasema not meant for African market?.. Ama tuongojee mitumba?

You can buy online, or get a cheaper Chinese version.

This is already working in different developed nations. Anyway, you can as well implement this at your home. Provided you have the solar panels. WHy involve Mabati Rolling Mill? Companies will come that will be making Solar Decra, Box Profile Solar, etc. A different technology altogether. Mabati Rolling Mill needs to work extra hard, which entails changing their raw materials if they are to go the solar roofing way.