Me cosa mariposa

This being a Sunday, I pray that you will think about me someday, my heart , A forever desire to my earthly body, my life companion, My sweetheart, Malenge yangu and my soulmate.

I hope you abstain from all prey men after you, god i hope they don’t pounder on you with the lust everyone has because of your outstanding beauty both in and out.

It is true love and understanding that I feel you are a woman of dignity and you will preserve yourself for us.

With love.

Just put yourself out of your misery.

I will donate the rope

Hey cretin. What misery?

Jinga hii unasinya

Tafutia mimi nambari nitawacha

You’ll find that this girl has a unique flaw like farting in her sleep. Ndio PNC itakumarisa.

:D:D:D:D unanimarisa