Mdomo kubwa Machungwa amemaliswo - waah


Almost a year down the line, all we are hearing from these bastards is more taxes, Uhuru, handshake, shareholders, samido, lifting Millicent Omanga onto lorries. All this time our neighbors Uganda and Tanzania are cruising quietly along. And now the MCAs want a 400K salary.

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Uhuru’s deputy was Ruto, not Raila, and not anyone else. He had 50% appointments of cabinet secretaries and he earned the Deputy Presidents salary for 10 years. For him to come and claim he didn’t know what he was doing those days should set alarm bells ringing in your head. No wonder Uhuru pleaded with him to do some work, hata kidogo tu, for ten years!.

The same people were the ones that voted for them 3 times singing “UhuRuto, tano tena”.

These same fools will repeat the same thing (please note I purposely did not use mistake) in 2027.

Ati now Ruto ni mtu wa kuongea about the “previous regime”, and he actually fooled some Kenyans.