MDF project - Looking to build a custom TV stand from scratch

I have always wanted to do a DIY project and now I have got my opportunity. After going around Nairobi looking for a Tv stand that fits my style na kukosa nimeona the only choice I have at the moment is to build it myself. The Tv stands I found were either just kawaida or marked up to almost double the price. Mugikuyu kama mimi cannot be bothered to be duped into spending money that I don’t have to. Call me stingy or whatever but I prefer to spend money on something that fulfills that nagging need at the back of my mind. I hate settling for things.

I want to build something like this.

Shelves for books, a slot for the surround system receiver and a slot to put a playstation or laptops in. Kitu sijui haswa is how much the MDF costs per foot. I need to know the prices before hand juu ukienda kuulizia kama newbie ile bei utagongwa hii Nairobi utaachana nayo tu. Mtu huenda kuulizia ni kama you have been referred there by someone else. Budget max ni 30K but I have an idea it won’t even cost more than 10k. I have access to cutting tools and all the other things to complete the project. I only need the materials.

mdf ni kitu 3500 per piece

MDF ya that quality na cheap on the same sentence, or rather with 30k max on the same sentence, Joke of the year.
Look for MDF za 3500 then will fit your budget.

ok,wacha ni gugu MDF sasa

Use normal MDF, then when you’ve finished, peleka it to be spray painted like a car… Undercoat the topcoat… Then clear…

contractor si unipatie order ya material?

Quality ya MDF huku vichochoroni imekojolewa sana alafu hakuna variety. Tembelea PG Bison for top varieties and the widest selection. They can also cut it up for you according to your plan. Halafu wako na accessories zote. Kazi yako itakuwa kujoin tu.

hao bison zao huwa wanajitengenezea,?sema ni kazi unataka alete kwa ile kampuni unafanyia

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They manufacture their own boards na ziko juu kiasi. Akijaribu any other way he will end up with a disaster.Watu wa juakali wana-confuse hadi professionals. Na sifanyi kazi Bison.

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That looks like its 8 feet long around 2.5 feet high and probably a foot wide, gives the external surface area of around
8X1 - top and bottom = 16
8 X 2.5 - front and back = 20
1X2.5 - sides = 5
totals about 4, each mdf is 8X4 = 32, depending on the partitions inside I think 2 MDFs should be enough, maybe 3 if you very wasteful so around 7k - 10k
some 2X2 timber for that base, around 20 feet.
if you at least have a circular saw and a drill then the job can be done.

But for that paint finish, you are better of with those raw chip boards, they allow easier finishing.

Hiyo spray painting sasa ndio sijui nitapata wapi. Do you have any locations ama these fundis have such facilities or services?

tefee itaanguka nanii.

I think that is an overkill, good quality kawaida paint should do, since you will be using it indoors - just be patient and give it several layers

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This is a fantastic break down. Lakini dimensions ni less than what you have provided.

top and bottom ni 4X1.5
front and back 4X2.5
sides 1.5X2.5

Base nafikiria niweke six square pegs to lift it of the ground in case of any spillage around that area.

What is the size of a single panel of MDF?