MDF/ plywood/blockboards and powertools

Wadau, I’m looking for cheap MDF, plywoods and blockboards for my woodwork DIY projects. I’m also looking for used power tools like corded circular saw,corded drill drive,clamps, pocket jig etc. Saidieni elder tafasali.


Mdf ya kwaida in most places in range btwn 3000 -3300k … on tools game garden city wako na good deals on new tools.

For the boards, use any hardware outlet. For used tools jaribu But always start by offering half what sellers demand. Clamps and pocket jig you will have to import from Aliexpress. The local outlets with these two are too expensive.

Builders warehouse south Africa coming soon to karen

Sande sana fundi

Those guys are selling simple pocket jigs sijui 10k. I’ll definitely check AliExpress


Name of the specific shop please?

MDFs are available in most hardwares/timber yards… where are you based?

Avoid local shops at all costs. You will get that same item for three hundred shillings from Aliexpress.

Niko Utawala. Ama niende Gikomba? I’m a beginner/learner hapa that’s why I need cheap materials za practicals like making coffee table,TV cabinets,storage shelves etc.Nikishakuwa perfect then I’ll go for the originals.

Eastern bypass zimejaa uko… ata izo hardware Za apo Benedict hauezi kosa.


Wazi. Wacha nitembe.

Local hardware uku wanatuuzia MDF full 3300

Na bei ya gikomba iko aje?

Follow this guy you will learn a lot on using jigs and all types of boards.

@Motokubwa kuja teketeke hii deal isikupite. Uni ni ngima heuuuu

If you want boards in large quantities, just go to Comply on Enterprise road. As for power tools, try this number 0740387439 for Ex UK power tools.