MCSK hacked

From this

Hi! Waweza Nunua Leseni ya Muziki 2018 kupitia mtandao Lipa kwa KAMP-PRISK-MPAKE. MCSK haijaruhusiwa kuchukua pesa za Muziki. STOP20465

To this

Dear Customer, MPAKE has hacked our database & sent an SMS using this information. Please ignore it as we work with authorities to investigate this crime.

Ya kwanza is from MPAKE

[ATTACH=full]156424[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]156425[/ATTACH] I got Mcsk account for car licence hope it’s all safe. Didnt give it much attention but naona sasa wametuma text nyingine.

Car license? Private car? If so, you’ve been had!

It’s a commercial van. Mcsk requires all commercial and psvs vehicles with music systems have a license.

I honestly admire your patriotism to this great nation bro,Salute

Ni kushikashikwa mpaka unapatana na ile rende hucamp kwa barabara na kukupea instant licence by force. Badala ya kushida ukipeana hongo na kukalishwa barabarani while you are in hurry unalipia ile minimum 2500

The last time I checked MCSK lost its operating license and wasn’t supposed to operate

I hand text on my phone and so are the replies.:D:D:D

Mcsk are no longer allowed to collect royalties on behalf of the musicians. The court ruled like a year ago.

Wapi nudes za MCSK?