Mchinku anapanda China Express Leo Leo!

A Chinese national is set to be deported following his arrest for referring to President Uhuru Kenyatta and Kenyans as monkeys.
Liu Jiaqi was secretly captured in a video by a worker he had threatened to sack from his motorcycle shop.
In the clip, the trader brags that there is nothing that ‘poor, black, smelly’ Kenyans can do to him even he sacks the said employee.
He even proceeds to say the Kenyans he is referring to includes the President. He speaks of how stupid Kenyan citizens are.
The employee is heard arguing a case of unfair treatment by the Chinese man who interrupts him saying it is because he is Kenyan.
“Everyone, every Kenyan is like a monkey. Even Uhuru Kenyatta, all of them,” Liu says.
“I don’t like you monkey people, [you] smell bad and foolish and black.”

Why is he not in handcuffs?

Easy let off … angefinywa makengele kidogo . In China ukiita Ping ‘Winnie the Pooh’ unapigwa pasi kwanza .

Wangempeleka Kamiti Maximum Prison for two weeks ndio achunyishwe sukuma

Seems like he’s cuffed but hiding them.
Hiyo room iko na double decker ni JKIA ama wapi?

But why license a Chinese to come and sell motor bikes in Kenya?
What’s special about that?

Diplomatic Police Station cells

He’ll be back in two months under a different name Yu Dum Fuk

:DMathice wotis. You’re acting like you’ve been living under a rock. Logic doesn’t work here.

Hata sisi huku kwa mhindi kuna wengine hawafai kuwa Kenya.

Huyo jamaa alikua anafaa afinywe makagare vizuri… he will definitely come back to do business with monkeys in Uganda or TZ… only that time he will be like… “…even your prezident magufuli is nyani kabisa…”


plot twist: he is also an employee; became homesick and just wanted to ship out

Angepelekuwa industrial area a choruwe saba

They even brought takeout for him :mad:

Xi Ping and Uhunye are on first name basis. Dont think that cretin is going to China for a holiiday. By kesho ama kesho kutwa atajikojelea.

Hio ni maendeleo ya jubilee development ambayo @spear huwa akituimbia kila siku.

aitishe Chinese citizenship. Kwani hawa wanawake wanakaa aje? Unapanulia mtu raw and you have no history of him? Kwani alikuwa malaya?

alipewa lift then the rough road and vibrating car did the talking for the chinku