Mchina ame pewa Kichapo

Hawa watu ni wajeuri sana, hii iwe funzo kwa wengine kama hao. Ame jua hajui

Hio kombora ni wicked

punda amechoka kabisaa



:D:D hiyo ‘come on!’ imeland kabisa

:D:D:D:D Mwoto saidiiii. Huko ni wapi? Hivyo ndio inafaa, sio mgeni kuja kukudharau nyumbani kwako.

Good job there. We should see more of these noble actions from all our brothers in our beloved continent going forward.

Way to go, people can only ride on your back of your back is bent.

:D:D:D saf sana…
gif ya hio bare ikam thru @screwplus

Hio slap na teke hakuna tofauti. Hadi huyo dem na kelele zake amecum

msemo wa Jaguar mp in practical in one of local radio station…

I don’t support this. just seen another lame video where they want to beat Chinese on the Western/Northern(cant recall) bypass. Minus the language barrier, china guy was asking guys to stop passing through the route and use bypass instead.

What we are creating is a racism wave. A wave without much thought will create messy trade conflicts between the two races in future. Its always better to dig facts fast from both sides before we either condemn or celebrate. But with the power of idle minds, even the learned is a retard.
Mwafrika akule ujeuri wake lakini.

huyo msee anasema demakufu, ama naskia zangu?

It will get worse with time, trust me. Whenever a kenyan see a china man, akili tu inaregister STEALING OUR JOBS, WAMEFANYA TUONGEZEWE TAX, etc etc. Ni vile wako na protection, but dont be suprised hearing one of them being lynched hivi karibuni.

Wapi huko?

Kwani chinkus walisahau kung fu? We used to fear them dem days

Nonsense. Kenyans are generally meek. If a wave of racism starts, they’re not the ones who will have provoked it.

Niko conflicted, i do not advocate for violence but i feel hawa watu huwa wajeuri

:D:D:D:D:D:D:Dmy soul rejoices seeing these dim eyed pygmies get high fived in the face for their encockroachment* tendencies