Mchele ladies Thika Road. Jamaa fell unconcious after kunyonya matiti..SJ ni ile club tu Nairobi hainanga mchele

In what appears to be a grand return of ‘Pishori babes’ now rocking nocturnal activities in Kiambu’s Thika town, two damsels suspected to have stupefied a male clubber at VSpot Nightlife yesterday are behind bars.

The two women were spotted by the club supervisor who was concerned after seeing the two forcefully dragging a seemingly too drunk frequent customer to his Toyota Crown, before putting him on the driver’s seat in that drunken state.

But even before he could intervene to stop the man from drink-driving, he was caught agape by a rather unexpected scene of one of the women spraying something on her breasts before she pulled the helpless male to “breastfeed”. The man had then completely passed out.

The supervisor sought the help of a few colleagues to stop the women who were then fleeing the scene after stealing the man’s ATM cards and other personal documents.

On being alerted about the incident, police officers from Thika station rushed to the scene where they found the unconscious man lying in his car, with a bottle of alcohol at whose base settled some white precipitate. More tablets of a yet to identified drug were found on the women.

The suspects were rearrested and booked in cells as the heavily drugged man was escorted to hospital. The exhibits have since been taken to the government chemist for analysis.

We wish to caution club-goers, especially men, to be wary of such dangerously seductive criminals who lurk in bar shadows targeting vulnerable cash-rich customers, before drugging them and disappearing with their valuables.

In some unfortunate incidences, victims of stupefying have lost their lives after being heavily drugged, hence the need to exercise caution and always party around known friends who would have your back in case of such danger.

She has hands that reach her knees.


Very unproportional

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typical mungikiress bodies hata evolution haijaisha mikono inafikia magoti… but huyo wa tsho ya Nike anakaa jambazi sugu


shiney eyes :green_emoji: :green_emoji:who else could it be?


@sokwemtu Mungich hawa Dota wa mumbi watamaliza boy child na mushere banae.


eti boy child

mtu anakula gorilla kama hizo anafaa akufe tu juu sio binadamu pia yeye.


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The funny thing is VSpot ukilipa na till inaleta Quiver Lounge. I guess it’s part of the quiver empire.
Hio grade ya madem unawapata Sophia joy na 150. Kama si petite Wacha ikae.

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Such women who score poorly in the looks department are fucked by men who look like them in so many ways. Unapata ni jeshi ya Keg the likes of kina @Nguyen234, wasee huwa wanakaa tu vile wanataka. Mandevu wameachilia, nguo hazijui kama kuna kitu ka pasi ina exist, meno zinakaa tu za comodo dragon, brown na wananuka kama nugu; uchafu.


Nguo zinaboiliwa once a year ndio chawa zitoke.


The guy had a Toyota Crown…So basically ni jamaa middle class. I think these mchele ladies use madawa…

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[quote=“cortedivoire, post:9, topic:474250”]
…wapata Sophia joy na 150. Kama si petite Wacha ikae.
[ Belongs to the quiver guy

Vspot na Quiver ni same company different names.

Long enough to pull your head to that filthy chest to lick your death. Yuck.

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Ugly bitches

One popular Drug of choice is Ketamine.

Some people use Ketamine for its hallucinogenic properties.
Ketamine can sedate, incapacitate, and cause short-term memory loss, and because of this, some people use it as a Date Rape drug.

If swallowed. Its effects can last for around an hour.
However an individual’s coordination or senses may be affected for up to 24 hours after initial use


Better than msee wa nduthi nduthi umeweka kaa speedial

They don’t seem scared, its like they have someone in power who will get them out.

Hiyo kitu inakaa mbaya sana, I hope its Kiswahili name isn’t Katamaini. I’m unhappy with the writer of this report. A man’s face has been roughly shoved against those hideous sweaty bodies, so he can draw in the drug, and somebody says he was being made to breastfeed, like that’s normal. Since when do grownups breastfeed?

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