MCA accidentally posts nude photo on Vihiga county WhatsApp group

Nominated MCA from Vihiga county has reportedly gone into hiding after she accidentally posted her nude photo on a WhatsApp group on Friday. Rhoda Omufumu, who was nominated on the now dissolved United Democratic Front, is said to have posted a nude photo of herself with an unidentified man. The photo was posted on the Vihiga County Development group at 9.12 pm on Friday.

Omufumu is currently communicating through a source who also works at the Vihiga County Assembly.

The source said Omufumu does not know how to use digital gadgets. He also said she is a church leader.
Mtu alichezea simu yake (someone messed around with her phone) … she is a church leader who cannot post such things on social media. She is married and she has grown up children.”

Omufumu means traditional seer.

and she couldn’t see what was coming her way?

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You need to prove your allegations as soon as possible.

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… @ Slartibarfast, … the e photo was posted on the Vihiga Whatsapp Group. Uliza hawa.
Actually, the Star Newspaper should produce it as part of responsible journalism.


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Couldn’t see it digitally.