Mbweha Nyamweya facing auction, Napenda sana

So this matafaka has been running KFF ni kama ya mamake and threatening any players that dare to question him, well, on 15th December his land in Karen is coming under the hammer.


nachukia huyo jamaa kabisa


Where do these niccurs take the ill acquired money. Or is it easy come easy go?

If you have ever spent time around traffic cops you would know money has no value with them, cha mwanaharamu huliwa …


I detest the guy too.

hate the guy too…

chief hiyo ni kutucheza akili the guy has money like shit hizo ni mind games coz eacc inamkaribia but bado hio shamba ataenda kortini kesi ikae 10 years


Concubines all over the world.

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yeah serves him right remember how harambee waited at airport

That mbweha is not broke.

ata pea beshte yake cheque book anunue at a throw away price then in a few months arudishiwe

i hate him,elections ni when?