Mbona young single mothers uficha watoto zao during relationship

I know of cases where mwoman ako in a r/ship na mboy lakini huwa ameficha mtoi wake. This one alizaa I think akiwa bado chuo but wazazi wakakubali azae na kulea mtoi as she continued with studies.

Mwoman toi is now around 9yrs old. Always says ati that’s the small bro but ukipima miaka unaona hio hesabu aingiani. I mean she is around 26-27 alafu ati small bro ako 9yrs. Aje sasa?

I know many men don’t wanna start mechi ikiwa 1-0 so that could be the reason why these young ladies ficha mtoi alafu sazile lovey dovey imechacha ndio unaskia babe I would like to tell u something that I have been keeping secret for long…alafu boom unaambiwa ako na mtoto. Beta males watakubali hio maneno and go ahead and marry. Alpha real men watampea mimba ingine and ghost her ili ikuwe funzo kwake na wengineo.


Habari ya Thuringia

Some even get married na bado keep that secret…meanwhile mtoi analelewa na mzazi ushago. Wewe kama husband utakuwa unasaidia kulipia “my young bro” fees kumbe ni mjunia wake. Ogopa wanawake

Kuna mwingine alibuyia jamaa gari kumtuliza and he thought hana watoto kumbe alikuwa na watatu kwao.Jamaa alidiscover later from her friend.

Such cases are on the rise now that we have mushrooming of single mothers. I know of a guy who was hosting a last born brother of the wife. Only to realize later from close inlaws that he was a kid to the wife

Hii ni rahisi, enda kule ocha and snifff the kids out of their hiding place, terminate them, this will bring the mwoman into heat quickly, mate with her now and now sire your own bloodline.

Caveat: What goes around come around

Ati terminate them. Mseh hizi ni gani sasa? Btw these womenz are so secretive hadi the parents cover tracks for her. Hata hao relatives inlaws @Stew maker anasema. They have bn coached to lie.

Huyo lazima ni wa from rich families. Kuna wale even babake will pay u to marry her. I know a case or two. One case mseh was a peasant akapewa petrol station na rentals to manage. Wakanunuliwa nyumba na finance ilikuwa. All this from the gals family

Nikibuyiwa gari nitasahau iyo story kwa muda

By terminate you don’t possibly mean murder? You expect a woman to want a kid from you after you’ve murdered her kid??

Hiyo maneno ya ku bribe the new husband is tricky. Those kids are probably from three different dudes and that’s future dramas especially if they are mboys. In Luo, gals are easy because they will get new homes in the future hopefully…but mboys are there to inherit stuff.


Wanaficha watoto ndio waolewe. Men nowadays don’t want baggage and unmarried women have a low social status…hua wandharauliwa hadi na fellow women. So most will do anything to get married. Kwa wanawake marriage is a very big achievement. Forget senior bachelors, hakuna mtu hukuwa na pressure mingi kama mwanamke amegonga 30 bila bwana. Hata their married friends ditch her. That’s why most single women past a certain age hukuwa bitter hivyo.

Single, childless and successful men past 32 years are akin to gold bro…trust me you

Spoken like a true alpha lion. Hivyo ndio king of the jungle hufanya

Kwani nyinyi mnaishi mstuni? Eti sniff and terminate them.
Noma sana hiyo.

when I was still in the dating game I always knew how to tell whether a woman has given birth or not the moment she dropped her clothes…and it always surprised them when I would casually let them know that I was aware…sio ngumu…a pregnancy is a 9 month stretching of the human body ! that would definitely leave a mark…or two…

only alpha males like @LuandaMagere will understand such things , si unaona vile betamales kama wewe wameshtuka :smiley:

If you want to know if a woman has a kid look out for the linea nigra when she removes her clothes.Its a dark line that stretches from the navel down to the pussy.If a woman has this line and has no kid it means one of the following two reasons;
1.She had a kid but the kid is with her parents/gave out kid for adoption/the kid died.
2.She aborted a pregnancy