Mbona Orengo amecatch hivi.

NASA was not party to the petition but the guy is foaming on the mouth .

Meanwhile, ile petition italetwa after elections, dawa ndio hiyo hiyo.


Have you ever wondered how a world class defender feels while on the ground and the ball is in goal…all the work of Messi?


Ata hizi panelists NTV zinapiga kelele sana.

Kuna mtu ametoa joker na walikuwa wanafikiria poker imeisha.

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umewai nyimwa kuma na dem na umenunua jameson mizinga tatu ?


khocha! pia wewe umepitia

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Hapana. Unajipata umenyimwa saa hiyo umemtoa pantie na umevaa condom.

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Suraku suraku. Watu wafanyie Bondo express service ya mwisho

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Una jam mna split bill:D:D:D

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The SC gave Jabaz a second chance to go for the presidency but rather than go for the the popular vote he’s turned this into a revolution, additionally the public revelation by Njoki that the petition was founded on false testimony must have made people like Wanjala very uncomfortable and have been trying to dissociate themselves from it.
The message sent is loud and clear, going forward most of the SC judges will not be part of the naswas schemes to take power through illegal means.




Why did the Supreme Court accept the petition so late in the time, certified it as urgent, and they knew all too well that there was no quorum? Anybody wants to believe that lack of quorum is an accident?

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Pwegege gewegwe, close this thread, discussion over.
Na hukuwa na pesa ingine, peasant

Maraga overestimated his influence over the other SC judges… His fall from grace has began and it will be fast.


Exactly! He set the date on his own, no consulting his colleagues!

And these here are also my sentiments…



It was timed to be the BIG announcement Raila would be making today.
I wouldn’t be surprised if the petition was drafted in Mwilu’s bedroom.
Lakini wamejua hawajui. Even Wanjala has started singing Tano Tena, Kumira Kumira.