Mbona mnapenda kustigmatise?

Tafadhali! Tafadhali! Tafadhali!

No one goes mad. Not now, not ever. People have disorders-either neurological or psychiatric.

Neurological disorders are due to damage to the brain, spinal cord and nerves.
Psychiatric disorders are due to disturbance in behaviour and emotional states. Everyone is vulnerable to these disorders.

Mnaona mtu nje anajiongelesha, thoughts balaa, hygiene to the dogs, shouting and chasing people around, unamuita mwendawazimu. That is a sick person. There are hundreds of neurological and psychiatric disorders. The latter are more common among the population.

Stigmatising these diseases is a barrier to help seeking.

Ok… Tutawacha


Basi wanaitwaje kwa Kiswahili

Huwa hatu stigmatise watu kama hao.
Tuna stigmatise.mtu kama @Abba mlunje mwenzake akiua na kukula watu…
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Mgonjwa wa akili

ju hizi ugonjwa are not transmissible, and the numbers are relatively low, ni ngumu kupata some serious effort kama vile kulikua na anti stigma campaign back in the 90s and 00s for HIV

We tend to stigmatize the poor. A person who is really loaded but kichwa imeruka will be glorified by such titles as an accentric millionaire. A mdosi raping our young kids will fondly be reffered to as a sugar daddy or a playboy

Akili punguani

Mental illness is a ticking time bomb