Mbona Mbona Mbona

How comes that these corruption scandals all came to revelation at the same time; NYS, NCPB, KPA, Kenya Power…Are we being playing here? Is it a tactic to shield some big fishes? hapa iko maneno

It’s the message for us to be proactive and take back our country. We are wanted in the streets, lakini wapi, we are too docile for anything.
The Kenyan political landscape is about to collect itself.

hii nini?

Somebody supplied playing instead of played…

It’s @introvert achukue huyu mwanafunzi wake

by the way Mr Archibald amepotelea wapi au ali-deportiwa na cartel?

Ameingia mitini literally:D:D

Inaitwa fall out, there are people who are perceived to have benefited more during and after the recent elections. You heard Murkommen crying out over the weekend that the fight against corruption could be a red herring to settle political scores.

Baridi naumisa kipara Omwami.

mos. madh kahawa mariet.


thanks. i am getting rusty though i could feel something was off.