Mbona Kabogo anacopy vitu za Ruto?

Mnajifanya lakini ukweli ni mnafuata fuata Arror kila mahali.

But the late MCA was a kieleweke member and one of those who initiated the motion to remove Waititu from office

Could be Waititi organised for spiking of his drink ama he was trying to impress a mhindi sly queen by taking a viagra overdose!!!

MCA’s hu do nini, apart from shouting,fighting & hurling insults at each other

i highly suspect so…

Viagra overdose, I suspect

Cyrus was kabogo’s person and he’s the one who funded his election.
I knew Cyrus well since my primary school days and I have property interests in Wendani so he’s a person I interacted with regularly.
The only imposter here ni Ruto.

YT2 is too dumb and broke to carry out a hit especially abroad.

Maybe he swam to India again

He has friends in Punjab.