Mbarikiwe na watoto hadi mshangae



Wale wamechafua womb, detol ya pastor itasafisha

Pia mateke ya pastor inasafisha


Pokeeni kwa uwezo wa pastor


@123tokambio Vwakira, iza orore amang’ana yaha

Again, the very definition of kondoo.

pervert herders and their idiotic sheep

Desperation can make do anything.

requirements za kufungua church ni nini ?


Lazima ukuwe na kasauti fulani ni kama panya tatu ndogo zimekwama kwa throat.

Kunia ulale uncle.

I can manage that, I am seriously contemplating that. I have a very deep voice that could turn spiritual and my grandfather was a renowned Levite (the one who slaughters for the gods). But the fucker buried his knives and didn’t tell his western educated four sons who ran away to the mission school against his better advice.

Mapastor siku hizi :eek::eek:


A big lying mouth and everything falls into place

Hiyo foreplay yote lazima iwe exorcised baadaye!


Constitution, registration fee of 2000, list of officials, 10,000 bob facilitation fees.


Kama nikuombe upate toiz mingi

Protestants especially African Protestants will accept to anything nonsense told. Hizi ndio zile church Bibi huenda 6 days a week. Monday choir practice. Tuesday maombi. Wednesday fellowship. Friday Kesha. Saturday chama. Sunday church. Wah! Hapo huna Bibi Tena

You already have funny colored suits, pang’ang’a and a pervert to boot…tafuta tu kiwanja

Some pastors are stealing in the name of