Mbappe to Madrid here we go

Seems he has decided to make the switch. Madrid will be terrifying

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imesemekana if he goes to madrid he will forfeit bonuses and incentives totalling up to €100million. he will also get paid less than what he is paid at psg

I don’t think so, in 2004/05, real Madrid a star-studded side had high-profile players like Ronaldo, Casillas, Guti, Luis Figo, Zidane, Michael Owen, Raul and others and they did not win the La Liga title, neither did they win the UEFA champions league.

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Nope, he moves end of current season. That’s why he has refused to sign new contract
Besides he gets a sign-on bonus since Madrid won’t pay any transfer fees. This kijana is set for life already. Then look at Madrid squad, akina Vinny, Bellingham etc. all under 25. And. A good calm man manager in Ancelloti.


Wow that’s am insane amount. Honestly I think he should have stuck with PSG. Be the biggest fish in a small pond. I doubt he will shine in Spain. But let him prove himself in an elite league ndio tumtambue. Vinny may have to move elsewhere or start playing out of his favorite position on the wing

New market, fresh merchandise sales. He will recover over 5 years. Besides psg has never won champions league. He risks a dent in his career.

Mbappe should have come to the EPL and specifically to Arsenal

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He is mainly moving so as to increase his likelihood of winning the Champions League. Are we together thus far :joy::joy:? If he was to joing EPl, he’d go to City

vinny atabaki hapo kwa wingi tu. i think mbappe ataingia centre position. they utilize 4-3-3 formation. vinny on the left, mbappe in the centre and rodrygo on the right. either way kuna mtu atakuwa anakula bench. look at modric ameanza kukula bench lately. he is on his last months of playing for madrid and he is set to depart the club at the end of the season when his contract ends. this is after madrid declined to give him a contract renewal.

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I suppose. But Madrid need a proper 9 instead of another world class winger in my opinion, like Halland. Modric and the German guy are old, need to move on and create space for the many youngsters Madrid have acquired recently.

german guy bro hujui jina za footballers :joy: anaitwa toni kroos. true hapo mid ya real iko set kabisa. carmavinga, tchouameni, valverde, bellingham.

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