Mbaba after kununua mzinga pale Quiver


Si Makenzi huyu?

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Aki wanaume si we purpose to bigger and better things this year.
Let not your monthly highlight be the swarms of ass and tirries gyrating around you as you throw hard earned mullah at alcohol

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Upuss. Nilikam kuona hii mambo ya kuacha partying hukuwa tuu ya working class men, not upper echelons. In the upper echelons the party never stops until you drop dead.

Sure. You won’t find rich old men in the trendy clubs filled by rowdy youths. But don’t let that fool you. They still party and smash hoes like everyone else. The only difference is that badala ya kukunywa pombe Quiver ako mahali kwa lounge Naivasha ama Nanyuki with his soft meat. That girl flexing on IG hajajipeleka kwenye ako. An old dude behind the scenes ndiye amempeleka anasongesha mileage.

Nikienda home mimi husimama pale Delamare Naivasha kukula samosas. I see a lot of loaded wazees with their girlfriends going to and coming from Naivasha/Nakuru.

Poor men move from clubs to bars as they age. Rich men graduate from clubs to hotels, resorts, and lounges.

When you get older and richer, the party doesn’t stop. You just become more discreet and private with your extra-marital affairs.