Mazda rotary engine resurrection


Their skyactive engines are superb. It would not make sense to R&D rotary

Those rotary engines are not good. Kuna kale ka sport car Mazda RX8. They burn oil like there is no tomorrow. Worse engine if am asked. Nimeona mingi zimelala garage coz of engine problems. Research on that engine. Avoid like plague

Rotary engine ni upuss. Mechs here dont know how to deal with it na oil and petrol consumption ni juu sana. I have seen a couple of them abandoned. Usiguse hizi.

Read somewhere it won’t be an engine per se, it is a generator to recharge the batteries that power the motors. The idea is that it will not be in use most of the time and therefore may outlive the cars life. They prefer it because it is a compact and cheap.