mazda demio

there is this newer shape…how is it especially its consumption…have heard its so good…who ha one and whats your experience with it?

yaani watu bado wanakimbizana na peasant toy cars?

By newer shape unamaanisha hii model ya 2016,right? Otherwise by Kenyan standards gari ya 2009 iko almost 3-4 models before 2016 [ATTACH=full]49019[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]49020[/ATTACH]

Na consumption is not about shape…compare specs

Kama una miguu ya ostrich achana nayo.

i actually meant the previous model…haka kadogo model 2008 hapo

…out of curiosity…which billionaires toy do you drive?

I’m also curious…ekelea hapa tuone kama inaweza fika hata ruaka! Chieth!


Come down SV!



Mugithi !

for a first car its good and the price is fair. consumption is also very good, can give approx 15km/l. Service and spares is not so bad either as nowadays mazda spares are readily available. also when looking at resale value, it gives a good return.

As a man, prepare for your ego to be severely and brutally hammered, massacred; resurrected and then buried alive in a shallow unmarked grave. Usishangae when your date asks “Will you pick me with that ka-thingy?” :frowning:
Then this car is mostly for town errands, usiende road trip Nanyuki nayo with 3 momos then unakimbizana na watu wa Subaru.

hahaha ati that Ka-thingy

:eek::D:D na saa hizo dame zake tu ni forward travellers ama Paradiso za githurai

:D:D kabisaa double standards lakini unanyamaza tu juu ya slices

My dear sijui nikuitie @introvert

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Hasira!! No need for Osungu.dll I just need to be @airconditioned

You started it