Mazda Demio

Hehee there’s time for everyone.

Ni sawa tu but there’s no point my grandfather laughing at me because he got children before me

I didnt laugh , i pitied myself. go read my comment

Bora isiwe na honiii irritating kama zile demio zingine

Ukipata DL he was going through midlife crisis as in he was 40 plus years

Kandemio kako fine. Just know that the manufacturer does not have real talent in steel RnD as evidenced by severe rusting of body panels in previous mazdas. The current model is known for having the rear torsion beam (joining rear wheels) splitting in half. Replacement parts (ex japan) would split again after a couple of years. Very annoying indeed.

Nunua Subaru Forester na katent ukam vasha nayo kesho, madem kibao.

Rust scare mongering on any car in tropical environment should not bother anyone. We neither have extreme weather nor do we salt our roads. Even if we did, Mazda steel problems are from about 20 years ago when mazda was owned by ford. + it was generally an american complaint. The ford mazda project failed and they reverted to japan. i find todays mazda cars far better than other japanese offerings except for maybe something like a toyota landcruiser for which they dont have an answer. given our conditions and the recent imported numbers can tell you they are doing something right.

Buy it

Real classy comment. Thank you.

Sema Honda would be your choice not eti ni better

The only main problem na Demio is the rear axle. Inakatika kama nonsense. Just don’t overload. To be safe, never more than 2 passengers at the back.


nunua honda fit mdau. You will not regret it.

I thought covid ilikubebe kumbe you are still alive

Rust is the main culprit caused by salt and ice damage on Japanese roads.

Bado niko bwana chairman.