Mazda Demio

I need your review for Mazda Demio 2012 Skyactive Engine with IStop function. I want to purchase this as my first car. What are the mechanical challenges of owning a demio. Bear in mind this being my first car technical wise I’m a noob. Asanteni wadau.

just buy, iko sawa

That car is quite ok, go for it.

Nunua gari if you like it. Maneno ya spares was a thing that ended in the 90s.

a honda fit of the same year is better

This is quite a challenge to me. One day I have a dream to also post something like this.

Umebarikiwa sana kaka. Ata kama ni ill-gotten wealth ni sawa tu.

Well done.

Mblo, if buying a car in that class, it doesnt matter whether ni Fit, vitz, Demio. Just look for the RS spec level of either. Thank me Now

You will get there. Just be focused, work hard, work smart and pray.

I trust a Honda more

Why do you say so. Infact I was torn in between a Mazda demio and honda fit. I had to choose one and opted for demio


It is more spacious, does not have issues with its rear axle breaking like the Demio, looks better than the demio. It is reliable just getting beaten by the toyota in most surveys.

That one has has no known major issues. It’s the best in its class.

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Time will come. Be prepared by taking some actions. Eg go to driving school and get a DL. I got my DL in 2013 when I didn’t even have a job. Hata kununua nguo ilikuwa shinda kubwa, I was hopeless but my bro pushed me to get a DL. 4yrs later the game had changed and I managed to buy myself an ex-Japan (new in Kenya) without borrowing even a single coin. Things change mtu wangu, jipe moyo. Ng’ara vizuri saa zingine unaenda car yards like a buyer. Inspect na ukiweza gurumisha kadhaa, shtua ‘umaskini’ then go home believing one day, you will go to the yards for a real buy.
Hapo kwa ill gotten wealth I can’t encourage you in any way whatsoever.

Man. You just crushed my ego. You cruised me to crisis zone:D:D:D:D

Hehee sijakuelewa mkuu

Son … umeniumiza jua tu hivyo… someone will explain . Wacha nitafute kabusaa nililetewa na rafiki…

Apana kunywa busaa mkuu. I got the DL in 2013 but it only became active in 2017 October. May be you got yours later but became active earlier than me:)

Brathe, hii ni true Village Elder. His children prolly got a DL 20yrs before you.

Granpapa dibango is probably trolling.