Mazda CX-5: The new thief's magnet


Hungry men have no respect for law or authority.

Hii model imeanza kuonekana kila mahali kama demio. @mikel uza ile yako ama siku moja upate imeng’olewa kila kitu.

To @Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii … this is why you don’t buy a school uniform. Sasa umeelewa mbona singeguza CX-5.

CX-5 has become a common car. You cant fail to see it everywhere you go. Its a common man’s car.

Ndio naona kila mtu ameikimbilia,back in 2017 and
2018 i think we used to be around 10 owners in the whole of Nairobi. I remember my first service pale auto express wajinga hata hawangeweza wheel alignment because my particular trim was not on their system. Alafu women used to drool over the car, i have personally assisted 2 to import,sai imekua gari ya raia, its time i upgraded

That’s why you keep a rungu under the seat. Ng’ombe kama hii ikileta nyoko nyoko kwa jam unafungua dirisha na unatwanga kabisa.

Unfortunately every tom dick and Harry went ahead and bought the cx-5 hence making it an attraction for petty thieves.

How has the driving experience been?

Why do people here want to be the only ones owning a particular model of a mass-produced car? Go for limited edition models, business model of producing cars is based on mass production. It is not for people who want to be the only special ‘‘species’’

I could be biased because i have the bigger trim fully loaded :D…very great car all the same,fuel inalamba kidogo sana, very fast, shifting is seamless and great handling na hakuna mechanical issues especially ya petrol plus great infotainment supported by the famous bose audio system. I moved from a crv so i can confidently say its a slight upgrade…hutawai kosa kwenda drives kila sundays

Kwani wewe ni member of dynasty.

unarap izo knuckles serious unaskia sharp CRAAAAAAAAAAAAACK! Cha kuokota kweli haitakua cha kuiba tena

Unakuwanga na gari nyingi sana

what i dont like about mazda cars ni the small steering wheel… feels like a joke

Phew ! ! ! The EGO in this thread ! ! !

Hii video si jmekua around for at least 5 days… oh kumbe ni @tall mnyama everywhere

Bigger Trim, which trim is that one ?

Bigger trim of life

Not really yangu hata nilisaidiwa kuleta na job yangu duty free otherwise there is no way i was ever going to afford it