Mayfair Hotel folds up in Kenya after a decade-Nikubaya Raiya


The rise of the African middle class is exaggerated. And if it is as solid as it is reported it’s constituents are very conservative in their consumption. Hii kwenda Mayfair apana tambua.

Wajenge flats hapo na brothels.

Is this one the one near MPShah? are they closing the casino too?

Compare how many new hotels opened up last year.

South Africans have always had a rough time adjusting to Kenya’s economic climate.

AirBnB maybe

The south Africans only managed it. It belongs to moi.

westlands ni kunoma kuna villa rosa, raddison blue, movenpick, ibis, golden tulip, pride inn, pullman etc na marriot inakam hapo GTC towers

That is my neighbourhood banaa. During it’s prime mapoko used to be blocked hapo kwa hio entrance. Walikuwa wanavaa expensive ndio wasijulikane ni mapoko but hao security walikuwa hawk eyed.

Poko akishaingia anaenda ananunua one drink akingoja kutega mzungu.

I hear it will be demolished and a highrise apartment block will replace it.

Businesses that are closing down in Kenya ought to be honest, and stop hiding behind economic meltdown.

Marriott ikifungua next year some hotels zitajua hazijui.


source mzito?

Iko operated kama franchise ama vipi??

me ata nahurumia Intercontinental,itabaki tuna doze pale na thao 3 per Night

I have no info on that

Why? Na vile me huona intercontinental is very popular with VIPs…Hilton ya Kencom ndio sijui kama itawezana

ghasia za watu zimejaza vibanda za chapati surwa nxt to the hotel and some raggedy shops and stupid dukas of slayqueens hunting for their next meal ticket next to the hotel. Hadi mabwenyenye wakaacha kwenda huko

The price would be really high on the apartments. In this business climate, who will buy?