@Mayekeke, Kuja Tuongee..............

All this week I have been watching clips on YouTube from the Syrian conflict. Any body who thinks war is porridge should watch the clips - high munitions can level Nairobi into a quarry in two days flat.

Anyway Mayeks, the most disturbing thing for me was that “Allahu Akbar” cry. Every bullet fired, every missile, every bomb, every death is accompanied by that cry. Last night, after watching several of the clips, I even had a nightmare; strange people wanted to behead me shouting “Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar”.

My issue is, when you are killing and dying nedlessly why bring God into it? Who decreed that every action of violence, including beheading innocent victims, must be accompanied by the cry?

I am confused and distressed.


I have my jung’wa waiting for the reply.

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I know you sought for @mayekeke but lemmi weigh in with my thoughts or lack of them as most on here think of me

Its so bad that you are in your sunset years and you havent found out the truth.
I always know that you are the most objective of men here, I am ready to share with you Ahmed Deedat’s golden book of an argument between a christian and a muslim.

Shall I?

Guka please. I am drinking


… And canons firing potatoes and strange people farting nerve gas… Hehehe… Guka, finish the narration.


why doesn’t god just smite the enemy instead of letting you bloody your hands?..


Allahu Akbar is used in many instances of daily routine. It just happens that some terrorists use it as well but hilo swali lako ni nzito, I frankly don’t have an answer for you. Nitakuulizia kwa Imam In Sha Allah I’ll give you an informed answer.


can moja is not drinking bana… kapishhh !!!na mbisha ya can moja moja apana tambuliko kwa hii kijiji


You need to be beheaded. We are talking matters holy halafu unaleta vitu haram hapa? Haiya!

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What holy matters?

^^^^^^^ @aviator wacha maswali ya clinic ama nitoboe hiyo handle ingine yako

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@Mayeks, sorry for this, I’m out of context, lakini if at all you were @TROLLFACE by any chance now is the time to revive that handle, ki klist style, asande

Hehe is that why jana ulikua unaambia NIS/FBI/M16/CIA waachane na wewe after kuwezwa na whitecap?


walevi hawaoti


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